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Traditional Chess Pieces:

P = Pawn      

B = Bishop    

n = knight

R = ROOK      

K = KING          


"Privileged" Chess Pieces (Traditional pieces wearing vests):

PN … PawnKnight (Pawn wearing Knight vest) 

RB … RookBishop (Rook wearing Bishop vest) 

NQ … KnightQueen (Knight wearing Queen vest) 

BP … BishopPawn (Bishop wearing Pawn vest) 

QN … QueenKnight (Queen wearing Knight vest) 

KR … KingRook (King wearing Rook vest)


 x ….. "captures" (lowercase "x") 

* ….. "plunders" _______ vest power 

= ….. "pawn promotion" to: _________ 

+ ….. "check" 

# ….. "checkmate" 

; ….. "transition" between move notations of opposing players. 

c4 …. "letter/number combo" used to identify the location of a square on a chess board. 

NOTE: When a privileged piece is moved on the board by the power of the "plundered vest it wears", the corresponding letter used to identify the vest in the notation must be repeated. EXAMPLE 1: RBBxe6+ means the RookBishop used its bishop vest power to move and capture an opposing chess piece on square e6 resulting in putting the opposing king in check. EXAMPLE 2: NRRxb7*B# means the KnightRook used its rook vest power to move & capture an opposing piece on square b7 where it then plundered a bishop vest and checkmated the opponent's king.